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Markets QSR

Quick Service Restaurants

Ensure your QSR concepts meet guest’s expectations and corporate standards using data using our restaurant analytics software.

Assess customer engagement based on dwell times and measure each customer’s attraction to an object or content shown on screen.

It’s time for your business to measure its performance in real-time using in-store analytics.

Business Performance

Make sure your restaurant’s concept and menu choices meet your guest’s expectations.

Digital Menu Board

The digital menu boards adapt automatically to each guest’s profile and wait time. Perfect for encouraging impulse orders.

Advertising Impact

Measure the impact of outside advertising campaigns on guest foot-traffic over time.

Optimize Customer Wait Times

Find solutions that improve guest wait times based on reliable and comparable data analytics for restaurants.

Manage Staffing Levels

Determine how much revenue you missed due to insufficient staffing, or potential labor savings based on foot-traffic data.

Table and Seat Turnover

Evaluate your average table turnover rate by comparing the number of transactions with the average guest stay time.

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