Why use marketing anaytics?

Every business aims to improve its customer’s experience. But how can you carry out a proper analysis or assess your performance without real-time, accurate, and in-depth metrics?

Startup Business Strategy
Visitor waiting time in line

Improve customer experience

  • Allocate human resource assets based on visitor footfall and customer wait times
  • Optimize shopper’s path to purchase and improve store sales
Improve products assortment

Match product assortment to real buyer profiles. Customize product and service offerings based on visitor attributes.

Optimize store paths and layouts

Help shoppers find products or services quicker with an efficient store design and layout using relevant stay time, product exposure and attention-span metrics.

Reduce wait times

Measure customer queues and reduce dwell times with the right planning, staffing and training.

Support programming ad System

Aquaji can interface with Navori’s QL digital signage software to trigger content and dynamically adapt programming to each visitor profile or to current conditions including the number of visitors, wait times, weather observations, or other relevant criteria. Improve customer‘s perceived wait times by displaying entertaining and engaging content.

Promote impulse buying by triggering custom digital signage content. Measure your ad campaign, storefront layouts, and interior display’s impact on foot-traffic and visitor’s attention span.

attention span and conversion

Collect reliable and comparable metrics

Know your customers, make better decisions


Feed your business intelligence

Aquaji includes an API so companies can easily feed their business intelligence or other data science systems to produce forecasts, models, algorithms, or for cross-analysis purposes.