Acquire metrics that will let you monitor and drive your physical business

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Government Facilities

Measure foot-traffic and waiting times to improve each visitor’s experience.

Assess visitor engagement based on dwell times and measure each visitors attraction to an object or content shown on screen.

It’s time for your government facility to measure its performance in real-time using accurate analytics data.

Adapt Your Service Offerings

Count and track visitor behavior based on their profiles so you can adjust staffing and make better technology investment decisions.

Queue Optimization

Eliminate bottlenecks. Measure visitors’ wait times and redirect staff or customers as required.

Customer Satisfaction

Make each visit more enjoyable. Understand what impacts your metrics so you can improve customer retention.

Digital Signage Synergy

When interfaced with Navori’s QL digital signage software, Aquaji will dynamically adapt your messaging and entertain visitors based on the audience’s demographics and local conditions.

Local Occupancy Management

Regulate the flow of traffic in public spaces. Enforce local occupancy rules and improve occupant safety by detecting face masks at entry points.

Continuous Improvement

Collect, monitor and report reliable and comparable data so you’re always aware of your team’s performance. Know where to focus your efforts.

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